Social Distancing Procedures at TCC

Social Distancing Procedures at TCC

As you plan to bring your event on campus at the Thompson Conference Center, we want to share our updated procedures that we’ve implemented to help slow the spread of coronavirus. These efforts involve increased cleaning of the building overall, in addition to many smaller changes to our everyday activities.

If your participants have questions or concerns, please send them to our page with information for attendees.

Updates for Event Planners

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Planning Phases:

  • Please find new diagrams available for all of our rooms which show social distancing set-ups
  • Our room capacities have also been updated to show numbers at full capacity and 40% capacity
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Prior to Event Start:

  • TCC will endeavor to rotate room usage, allowing 1-3 days of non-usage between events
  • Before each client arrives, TCC will sanitize the rooms’ tables, chairs, door handles, media desk, keyboard, mouse, etc
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During Event:

  • The building will have specified entrance and exit doors
  • All rooms with two doors will have a specified entrance and exit door
  • When at all possible, doors will be propped open (at the discretion of your facilitator)
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in every event room and at each elevator
  • Elevator buttons will be wiped down every hour
  • Stairway doors will be propped open or the handles will be cleaned every hour
  • Stairways will be designated up or down only, as possible
  • Bathroom doors will be cleaned every hour

Offering Food For Your Event?

There is no doubt that providing food at your event could increase the level of exposure for your staff and attendees. We are taking the following precautions to help:

  • We recommend providing boxed breakfasts and lunches. We can offer prepackaged plastic flatware and individually-packaged condiments. Self-serve buffets are currently unavailable
  • In lieu of water stations, you can provide bottled water, juices, etc
  • If you would like to provide coffee, you will also have an attendant for the station who will serve the coffee. Individually-packaged sugar and creamers will be available
  • We are also taking precautions in our dining room. If you are not providing catering for your attendees but anticipate that they will need food, you can read about our plan for Under the Oaks

Our Updated Expectations for Planners and Attendees

In addition to the actions listed above that TCC staff will be performing, we have adopted the following requirements:

  • Everyone in the building will wear a face mask or face covering
  • Face masks are also expected in the dining room, except while eating
  • Build hand-washing breaks into your agenda
  • Bring your own pencils, paper and supplies
  • Provide your TCC coordinator with a list of all program members and attendees who enter the building for each event
  • Report to your coordinator any cases of attendees or clients testing positive for COVID-19 within two weeks after your event

Learn more about UT Austin's COVID-19 Response

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