Social Distancing at TCC

Social Distancing at TCC

The health and wellbeing of our guests is of the utmost importance to us at the Thompson Conference Center. As our community adapts to the coronavirus pandemic, we have implemented some changes to our standard operating procedures to try and minimize interaction between our guests as much as possible, thereby avoiding the spreading of germs.

One of the main changes to our procedures is increased cleaning of the building overall. We are making many other changes, though, and have shared some of them here so that you know what to expect when you attend an event at TCC.

Please be advised that our staff has reviewed these guidelines and more with the organization offering your event, who may have additional rules for you to follow. Please feel free to reach out to them to check.

Changes to our Standard Operating Procedures:

  • Our room capacities have been decreased in order to accommodate social distancing recommendations
  • Each night, TCC staff will sanitize tables, chairs, door handles, media desks, keyboards, mice, etc
  • The building will have specified entrance and exit doors
  • All rooms with two doors will have a specified entrance and exit door
  • When at all possible, doors will be propped open (at the discretion of your facilitator)
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in every event room and at each elevator
  • Elevator buttons will be wiped down every hour
  • Stairway doors will be propped open or the handles will be cleaned every hour
  • Stairways will be designated up or down, if possible
  • Bathroom doors will be cleaned every hour

What About Food?

TCC has a café on the ground level to make grabbing breakfast or lunch during your event quick and easy. Here are our plans for limiting contact when it comes to food in our building:

  • Coffee stations will have an attendant to minimize the number of people touching the dispenser
  • Coffee stations will have individually-packaged sugar and creamers available
  • Our café line will feature distancing markers every six feet starting from the stairs through the checkout line
  • The café line surfaces will be sanitized hourly
  • Café employees will wear gloves and masks at all times and refresh during service
  • Lunch trays will be sanitized after each use
  • Pre-boxed meals will be available for quick grab and go
  • Dining room attendants will disinfect tables and chairs after each guest departs
  • Prepackaged plastic flatware and wrapped straws to be available

Updated Expectations for Attendees

In addition to the actions listed above that TCC staff will be performing, we have adopted the following requirements for all attendees:

  • Everyone in the building will wear a face mask or face covering
  • Face masks are also expected in the dining room, except while eating
  • Bring your own pencils, paper and supplies
  • TCC will ask clients to provide a list of all program members and attendees who enter the building for each event, to facilitate contact tracing, if required
  • Report any cases of attendees testing positive for COVID-19 within two weeks after your event

If you are an event planner seeking information about planning an event with TCC's social distancing guidelines in place, please visit our page for planners.

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