In-person Events at Thompson Conference Center Canceled Through June
Staff are operating remotely to support new and previously scheduled events transitioning online and to prepare for conducting events at TCC in the future.
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WiFi at the Thompson Conference Center

Complimentary WiFi is provided by the University of Texas at Austin Instructional Technology Department to all guests of the Thompson Conference Center.

To Connect to UT Guest WIFI:

  1. Click on your device’s WiFi icon.
  2. Click on UTGuest from your list of available Wi-Fi connections.
  3. Select “Connect.”
  4. Open your preferred browser and enjoy your complimentary WiFi.

The UT Guest service is administered by the Instructional Technology Department for UT Austin. The service is intended for activities such as web browsing, email, and online presentations. It is not intended to support data-heavy activities such as streaming video and large downloads.

Please contact TCC at 512-471-2943, if you need any assistance.